Monday, September 28, 2009

Teenage Life

teenage life
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In life there's a beautiful period called teenage
In the book called life it is a fun filled page
Where we don't have many responsibilities
But we have to prove our talents and abilities
We go to college for our studies
And also have fun with our cool buddies
We tease each other, But with love
These things should be done right now
We out at the movies with our pals
And also get busy making phone calls
We stick to the TV when there's a cricket match
And scream with joy when our players take a catch
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
So work hard and play hard and be full of joy
We should pass our exams with flying colors
To make that precious moment memorable for us
Get yourself drenched in this youth filled rain
For you will never pass this way again

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veda said...

what a wonderful stage of our lives...m sure al who read dis recollect their memories n might shed tears missin it...

-_-_-_-MaDhUmAtHi-_-_-_ said...

Outta .. words !


Na mouname .. nee kavithvaniki .. oka comment :)

Valli said...


ThanQ very much..=]


ThanQ dear....Sometimes Silence speaks more than words....And Your silence for my poem made me very happy....


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