Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Woman, you are beautiful....

(Image taken from here Pc: Hema Gopinath Sah)

Woman, you are beautiful
with those spots
Just like the moon
and unplucked strawberries

Woman, you are beautiful
with those stretch marks,
the sweet residues your body left
after bringing God's masterpiece to earth
Flaunt them with pride

Woman, you are beautiful
without hair
Just like the sun
like the day you were born
And the day you killed cancer

Woman you are beautiful
with those strands of grays
Like salmon swimming
Up the river
A monochrome canvas from God

Woman you are beautiful
with every wrinkle
that holds inside its fold
another unknown story
another chapter to the wonderful
book that is you

The mirror you believe,
Calls the perfect - an ugly mistake
Because it knows not what is inside
Close your eyes and listen
To the love songs the universe
sings about you!

Srivalli & Micah

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Heart Volcano

(Image taken from here)

Rupture of sorrow
in my heart volcano, lava
of tears flow...

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Your love...

Your love nurtured my innocence
kept the child in me alive

Your love filled the voids
voids deep in my heart which once made me feel empty

Your love healed old scarred memories
by replacing them with joyful ones

Your love wiped away my tears
calmed all my fears

Your love has grown a garden of joy
on a heart parched and made barren with sorrow

Your love listened to my silence
the music of unexpressed emotions

Your love made me complete
finding the every missing part of me

Your love gave me freedom
freedom to be just "Myself"

Your love... Your love is priceless gift
The best thing I've ever experienced


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