Monday, September 28, 2009

God! Why me :'(

little girl crying

God!!!!.....Why me always?
With tears filled in her eyes….. The little girl says.
Why am I the lonely victim?
Why like the dark room my life is dim?
Why loneliness is my best friend?
Why don’t my sorrows end?
Why do people derive the pleasure in my pain?
Why do my efforts always go in vain?
Why am I always dull and sad?
Why do people think that I’m mad?
Why only for me everything goes wrong?
Why my life is like a sad song?
Why do my friends deceive?
Why only sad moments I have to receive?
Why do people always betray?
Why there are so many thorns in my way?
Why do people point me always?
As if they are always perfect in their ways
Why my life is filled with trauma?
Why should I play the sad role in my life drama?
Why do I cry ocean of tears?
I’ve been crying till years and years.
Who will wipe my endless tears?
Is anyone there who hears my fears?
Who will build my broken heart?
Why am I always treated apart?
Who will build my broken dreams?
Which are washed away by misfortune streams
Why do people hurt me again and again?
To whom should I complain?
Why am I unsuccessful in life?
Why my life is full of strife?
Why I’m in defeating end of this life's game?
Why do I get the negative fame?
Why my life is full of terrible misfortunes?
God!!!!....When will you tune my good fortunes?
Why like a dreary winter my life is dry?
Why should I always cry?
Why am I like a fading rose?
Just like a sad story…..My life goes.
Why am I like a bird in the cage of grief?
I’m dead….Just like a falling leaf.
Why my life is like a burnt tree?
Why my sorrows are as deep as a sea?
Why my life is like music without melody?
Why my life has become a big tragedy?
Why I’m like a butterfly held by the cruel hand?
Why I’m like a dying fish on the land?
Why my life is like an unreached destiny train?
Like a broken mirror, I remain.
Why do people show harsh feelings?
Why I’m like a bird with broken wings?
Why am I always the object of fun?
Why am I the only one?
Why do people cheat me in the disguise of a friend?
When will my sorrows end?
Why the people whom I love the most gets departed?
Why I have became stone-hearted?
Why did I start being bad?
God!!!...When will I be glad?
Why did I start to hate?
God!!!....When will you change my fate?
Why am I always a failure?
Why should I always endure?
Why am I always alone?
Why should I always moan?
Why my life is fatal?
Why everyone around me is so brutal?
Why my life is pathetic?
Why my life is so tragic?
Why do people make me feel low?
I’m lost…..Don’t know which way to go.
Why do people cut my heart with their words?
Which wound me more than swords?
Why do people pretend false love just to fulfill their needs?
Why they are so wicked in their deeds?
Why am I starving for a drop of love in this desert of loneliness?
God!!!...When will you shower rain of love filled with happiness?
Why doesn’t anyone listen……Even if I yell?
This loneliness surely kills…..It feels like hell.
Why should I dwell in dark?
Why my life is a big question mark?
Why my life has many woes?
Why I have no friends but many foes?
Why my pleasures are shallow, my troubles are deep?
Looking back at my life why should I weep?
Why do people play with my emotions?
Why my problems are as huge as oceans?
Why do I feel happy when people love me for a while?
Later I realize, That their love is volatile.
Why did I forget to smile?
Why everyone around me is so vile?
Why there’s no one who loves me in this world?
Why people around me are so cold?
Why my good deeds are unseen?
Why people around me are so mean?
Why do people leave me when I’m in deep trouble?
My happiness lasts for seconds…..Just like a bubble.
Why am I lasting for love?
Which heaven has never showered till now
When I look back at my life…There’s nothing except void.
Why do things make me feel annoyed?
Why do I sail in the ship of darkness?
When will I reach the seashore of brightness?
God!!!!....Why me always?
Tears rushing down her eyes….The little girl says…

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anand said...

I like this one's gloomy :(...but it's written very nicely!! :)

Anonymous said...

There seems to be many "WHY" in ur life. Dont mind, u r writing well lengthy poems, i am not even reading it completely.
but its good though.

You think you're going nowhere
when you're walking down the street
Acting like you just don't care
when life could be so sweet
So why you wanna be like that,
This is nothing new
You're not foolin no one
you're not even foolin you
So walk a little slower
and open up your eyes
sometimes its so hard to see
the good things pass you by
There may never be a sign
no flashing neon light
tellin you to make your move
or when the time is right (so)

why not (Why not)
take crazy chance
why not (Why not)
do a crazy dance
if you lose the moment
you might lose a lot
so why not why not

Valli said...


First of all,
ThanQ for commenting on my blog..:)

Sometimes its so hard to see
the good things pass you by
There may never be a sign
no flashing neon light
tellin you to make your move
or when the time is right (so)

I really loved these lines <3

You wrote a poem describing what should I do...

I'll try to walk a little slower
Try to open up my eyes
Take a crazy chance and do crazy dance..:) Ha ha..

Once again thanQ for your suggestions..:)

God Bless!

Take care!

Karthik said...

hi i dont knw u face these problems in ur life but its exactly the same way i feel now. thought i was alone all this while but this blog has convinced me am not the only one

love ur blog

Valli said...

Hmmm.....I never wanted someone to feel the same way like I feel......I'm not happy coz you are going through this bad phase......

Anyways, Good time will come soon...Don't worry!...Just trust God!
and take care!

And thanks for loving my blog :)

karthik said...

hope so

sowmya said...

thousands of questions flows like a falls & finally ends up with the mighty ocean which none other than our almighty....

just visited ur blog & i am fascinated with ur thoughts & flow of words good work...keep writing..
best wishes..from my heart!

Valli said...

Thank you so much Sowmya

jyoti said...

i just loved it
u r a great writer and while reading this poem "why me"
i felt that this is just wat i wanna say .....wat i feel
really u did a great job and i just loved it
everyone has problems and each one of us has a different way to look upon them and it's very easy for others to say "forget and move on"
but they don't know wat the other person is feeling ...wat is he suffering from.......
while reading ur work at some places i felt that this is the same thing happening with me.....but i guess it's not only me
well......keep up the gud work..and keep writing as it helps a lot to come out of our grief and also helps to cherish our gud of luck

☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬ said...

Thanks a lot for your kind words Jyoti :)
Come back again to this blog if you get time :)
Happy reading :)


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