Monday, September 28, 2009

Smile and let smile! :)


Smile is like a perfume
when the flowers bloom
It spreads all over the place
It brings charm to the face
It comes out when tears hide behind the bush of sorrow
It is the precious treasure that we need not borrow
It gives pleasure which is never narrow
It is the sign of joy
Which we all enjoy
It is the sign of happiness
That drives away sadness
It is an outcome when we recollect sweet memories
Which we have preserved in our heart diaries
It is the magic that relieves stress
It is the medicine that cures distress
It enlightens dreary day
It sometimes conveys what u want to say
By smiling, Beautiful you stay
It makes your lonely road a beautiful way
Thankfully, It has no price
Just smile, Everything will be nice
It brings charm to your eyes
It makes even a fool seem wise
Smile makes you forget the past
It makes your joys vast
A beautiful smile, That moment always last
Smile is beautiful like a rainbow
It cheers our friends and confuses the foe
A beautiful smile can do wonders
All the agony in mind it surrenders
keep smiling and make others smile
This makes you feel heaven for a while
Keep smiling and make others smile
It makes your life worthwhile

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anand said...

Beautiful poem...made me smile ^__^ hheh :)

Valli said...


-_-_-_-MaDhUmAtHi-_-_-_ said...

Nice poetry akka.. :) anni chaala bagunnay! I loved it!!

veda said...!!

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Anonymous said...

nice poetry.....awesum....

Valli said...



good one


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