Monday, September 28, 2009


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Tears are crystal drops of rain
that fall when the cold sad breeze touches clouds of pain

Tears roll down when my heart can’t bear the pain anymore,
when even sweet turns to sour

When someone whom I love hates me to the core
They are words that express more

Tears roll down my cheek
they prove at that moment my heart is weak

Tears are the rain of pain
When all alone I remain

Tears are deep sea of sorrow
that is not narrow

Tears are the result of my unfulfilled desire
Tears are the fumes that comes out when my heart burns with the pain fire

Frozen sorrow melted into ocean of tears
when there’s no on left to hear my fears

Tears are the residue of my broken heart
When fate breaks neared one’s apart

Tears are the residue of my shattered dreams
That flow like a river of tragic streams

Tears flow when my life is hopeless and tough
To express my thoughts, when words are just not enough

Tears are the language spoken by my eyes
They are precious drops that never lies

Tears are the tree of grief
With the falling sad leaf

Tears are my silent scream
When pain becomes unbearable and extreme

Tears are words that flow in despair
When life is not just fair

Tears are the true friends that remain
When everything goes in vain

Tears are the true friends in loneliness
When life is filled with darkness

Tears are the true friends in this hopeless life
When life is full of strife

Tears are the true friends left in solitude
When everyone around me are so mean and rude

Tears are precious drops that are left
When nothing is left out and everything is swept.

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-_-_-_-MaDhUmAtHi-_-_-_ said...

Actually m not getting any words to xpress feelings abt ur poems.. m speechless.. :)

Whenever i read a poem .. a smile appears on my face..
Ur poems r down-to-earth..
I love dem to de core of my heart..
They touch me..
They inspire me..
Ur feelings r xpressed in a great way..
Even a hard core person will turn soft.. by reading ur poem .. and understanding ur feelings..

Lastly I say ..

I love You Akka .. :)

Valli said...


Thanx a lot dear...Now I am speechless to your compliments...=]

Thanx for your love and support...

Love you too...=]

TD* said...

nice one vallz

Pari said...

wow you are so good in writing poems im much inspired by ur words its deep but true yar :) keep it up vallz

deepak kripal said...

you have redefined tears here in a holistic way.. beautiful verses Valli..

Meenakshi Malhotra said...

Tears speak when words fail!

A fitting tribute, mesmerised!

kavz said...

Superb valz.. every situation lo vaati ardam nd help entha undo adantha express cheyalani thought ni perfect ga rasav.. true words :)

a Rat said...

If only tears could speak , no words are difficult to seek.. Nice poem, Valli, loved it :-)

Jay Singh said...

Hi Valli,

What a combo, reading about tears and listening to Pareshan from Ishqzaade on your site. Lovely poetry. Hope you don't take it literally and reduce yourself to tears. Stay happy. :)


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