Monday, September 28, 2009


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Wondered what's there to read about these tiny creatures! Well I'll tell you what we can learn from them
Lesson 1:"Face the problems with courage"

I kept an ant inside the bangle. It moved in a circular path finding the way out. Finally, It realized that it is enclosed in the bangle. It climbed the walls of the bangle and came out of it. Then I thought----"What is the size of an ant! Imagine the size of the brain it has!" When this tiny ant is able to solve such a huge problem, Why can't we humans face the problems with courage?

Lesson 2:"Discipline"

"Have you ever seen ants going straight in a line?", When ants are following discipline, why cant we humans?

Lesson 3:"Never give up if you want to achieve something in life"

I saw an ant carrying a grain which is double its weight. I kept my finger on the tip of the grain such that it couldn't drag it. It was desperately trying to get the grain out. It was very stubborn and did not leave the grain for even five minutes. At last, I was fed up of keeping the pressure on the grain and released my finger. Then I realized that the ant has achieved what it wanted. This taught me that we should never give up if we want to achieve something in life

Lesson 4:"Never feel that you are inferior or superior to other person"

No living beings in this world are superior or inferior to other beings. Everyone has got their own strengths and weaknesses. Well, even an ant is neither superior nor inferior to us. I'll prove it-----When an ant falls from a three storied building, it will land on the ground safely and start crawling from that point. When we do so, we'll go straight to hospital or heaven

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veda said...

akka well going...keep writing ...ur poems has life in it..!!

-_-_-_-MaDhUmAtHi-_-_-_ said...

Stranger: Say .. whoz da best teacher to u?

Madhumathi: Who insipires me alot ! :)


You deserve it akka .. :)

Keep going .. all the best for ur rest of life.. :)

Valli said...


ThanQ very much....


ThanQ Darlz....All the best for your future too..!!

Piphi / Prateek Kunwar said...

Haha...It feels great to know that you indulge in experiments with ants. I feel sane. :) . I am a great lover of ants. I used to be so scared of them that my mother used to keep some of them in a bottle to blackmail me into doing things (like study, eat, sleep in time etc) haha....sounds very silly to me now.
To add to it, try this one - you see a line of ants, pick up one and place him at some other corner of your room. He/she will start running frantically like a madman. I can almost imagine their face, but cannot describe it. Somehow, he will manage to find an ant and then they will start talking and then he will know where to go!
Also have you noticed that they have two speeds - they will be moving around easy-peasy and just when they sense a danger, they simply dart away like a rocket. I find it amazing.
We do have a lot to learn from ants. Thanks for bringing a smile on my face ! :-)

Purple Mist said...

Awww... Ants are too cute. Anyway, you are also very naughty, troubling these cute creatures!

TTT said...

i like it ... theres so much to learn even from these tiny creatures !

Confused Soul said...

Well thought. It's weird how we feel things are unattainable. Only if we'd try! :)

saikat mbka ghosh said...

so cute , so lovely , so enlightening...grt post :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

A lot of wisdom and these were just lovely inspirations from the little ants, Valli:)

Tales from Wild India said...

Great example of ant. Unfortunately we keep on moving in circles or thinking why this misfortune fell on us etc etc.


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