Monday, September 28, 2009

Rain ☁' ☂

(Photo by Eredel)

When sky wears the black blanket
Dry soils are waiting to get wet
A cool breeze is blowing my way
Tickling my face and going away
As two clouds meet with the thunder sound
Drops of pearls touches the ground
Air is filled with scent of the mud
What a sight of a rain drop on the rose bud!
Trees are dancing as the wind sings a song
Kids are playing with paper boats and running with them along
As lightning brightens up and thunderstorm naturally sings
Birds are chirping and fluttering their wings
When wind comes and blows my hair
With heart full of pleasure I hugged the air
My arms stretched wide feeling the joy of rain
Playing like a kid forgetting all the pain
I'm flying high on the sky touching the rainbow
Until the colors of love fade away and go
I'm jumping and splashing water around
Dancing and swirling like earth going round
I'm getting drenched in this beautiful love filled rain
Because I don't know when it will come again
Oh! How great is our mother Nature
With so many seasons and miniature

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TD* said...

awesome.. vallz :)

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venkat said...

i never seen nethin better than this... simply superb....

Valli said...



ThanQ =]


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