Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am not a victim, I am a fighter - Voice of raped person

give myself back to me

Society poking like crows

Girl raped,torn and tortured

They tore my body
my pain was their pleasure
the trauma I went through,
can anyone measure?

They not only destroyed my body
but also my soul
that holds all my dreams
and my each and every goal

Can they give myself
back to me again?
restore and repair
put back everything as same?

I'm raped if I wear a skirt, I'm raped if I wear a sari
I'm raped if I wear a gown, I'm raped if I wear a pant
I'm raped at anytime, I'm raped at any place
I'm raped if I'm grandmother, mother, teenage girl or even an infant

I'm raped physically
those wounds still didn't heal
society also raped me, but emotionally,
these verbal scars, to whom shall I reveal?

Two faced society
protests high, just show offs in public
and when they are back home, removing their fake masks
contradicts each word they said outside, so sick!!

I'm raped by my Dad
when my Mom wasn't around
I was blackmailed to keep it a secret, and warned
on this there shouldn't be any sound

I'm raped by my husband
nobody came to my rescue
even when I screamed and cried out with pain
"There is nothing wrong in it!" was their view

I'm raped by my teacher
when he took me to the dark room
If I've opened my mouth anywhere,
threatened me that he would fail me soon

Mother in prostitution
sold me to a broker for money
Motherhood died the moment,
she used me for penny

When the crime was yours
Why should I feel like filth?
When the crime was yours
Why should I bear guilt?

Mind you! Mind you!!
I am strong, I am stronger than you believe, No!, assume not I am weak!
for I am fighting against this cruel and mean world
struggling yet fighting, though I don't get the support and justice I seek!

No woman asks for it

The picture above is disgustingly funny! Isn't it?

Women are raped, because they are raped by someone. Why don't people get this point?!

How to prevent rape

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Budding poetry

Budding poetry
(Image taken from here)

When I first read poems
I used to feel
Ah!!...Poetry is such a bliss!
Can I ever write something like this?

There was a time
I used to rhyme
forcibly and insensibly
without much meaning or feeling

To write something
was the only wish
So, I used to scribble thoughts
though they were stupid and rubbish

I used to turn
to make my friends hear my awful poetry
They sometimes used to run
when they saw who was approaching, me!!

Budding poetry
never a perfect one
But, it is a learning experience
for future poems to be beautifully done!

While I was cleaning my shelf, I saw an old book with my initial poems. As I started reading, I couldn't control my laughter as they were so funny and stupid :D I felt "Is this me who wrote all this nonsense? :P Now, I understand why my friends used to run away when I told them to read my poems :P" Nevertheless, still I love my initial works as they laid foundation to my future works :)

  Sharing some of my initial poems, Read them at your own risk :P

Long ago in red sea

There was a red sea which was deep
Where there lived an octopus which fell asleep
When it woke up, It was hungry, It saw a yellow fish
It chased it to make a good dish
While chasing, It saw a huge blue whale
By seeing whale's red eyes, It's face turned pale
The whale chased it like a jet
But the whale was trapped in the net

Story of Edd

There was Edd
Who was dressed in red
While he was going ahead
He met with an accident on his head
In hospital, he fell on the bed
Everyday he was eating only bread
With that food he was always fed
Nurse came again with bread
"I want something different", He said
Nurse came with milk and bread
Looking at bread he was more fed
To his anger this had led
"I want something different", angrily he said
The nurse came with jam and bread
He was extremely irritated and said
"I want to live up to hundred years! You dumb head!
With your stupid deeds don't break my head"
She left the place with tears shed
Then he said,"I think she has no brain in her head"
Next day she came with juice instead of bread
Happily he drunk it and said
Thank God! at least now you got what I said
Then she replied,"Sorry sir, In that juice there was a powder of bread"
Listening to that he had gone mad and struck his head
His face turned like letter 'Z'
This is the story of poor Edd!

Story written as poem

Long ago, there was a hungry crow
It was searching for food in snow
After a long search, It got a piece of bread
"Thank God!, I got some food", it said
Then the fox came there in the search of food
And told the crow that its voice was good
Then the fox asked it to sing a song
When the crow sung, the bread did not last long
Then the crow realized that what it had done was wrong
So, Never believe people who flatter
Always keep in mind this matter


Friendship is the noblest thing is this whole world
It is precious than silver or gold
It is the treasure that can be bought or sold
It is something which a person should always hold
It is the path from which one shouldn't be deviated and stay bold

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Connected in each others' thoughts ♥

(Image taken from here)

Thinking about you,
I wished upon shooting star;
you did the same there!

Written for Haiku Heights

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Love is sweet pain

Sweet pain
(Image taken from here)

Love is honey bee
that stings you with affection;
Ah!, that pain is sweet!


Love is like hugging
cactus, whose thorns prick you
with venom called joy!

Written for Haiku Heights

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Caption the pictures

Let your dreams fly

Break free the bondage of fears, let your dreams soar!

Ignite the spark inside you

Give life to the spark inside you, let the magic within ignite.

These are my captions, please share your captions, if  you have got any ideas :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


(Photo by Featherlite)

Who decides
fate of fallen leaf?
blowing wind??

Written for Haiku Heights


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