Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am not a victim, I am a fighter - Voice of raped person

give myself back to me

Society poking like crows

Girl raped,torn and tortured

They tore my body
my pain was their pleasure
the trauma I went through,
can anyone measure?

They not only destroyed my body
but also my soul
that holds all my dreams
and my each and every goal

Can they give myself
back to me again?
restore and repair
put back everything as same?

I'm raped if I wear a skirt, I'm raped if I wear a sari
I'm raped if I wear a gown, I'm raped if I wear a pant
I'm raped at anytime, I'm raped at any place
I'm raped if I'm grandmother, mother, teenage girl or even an infant

I'm raped physically
those wounds still didn't heal
society also raped me, but emotionally,
these verbal scars, to whom shall I reveal?

Two faced society
protests high, just show offs in public
and when they are back home, removing their fake masks
contradicts each word they said outside, so sick!!

I'm raped by my Dad
when my Mom wasn't around
I was blackmailed to keep it a secret, and warned
on this there shouldn't be any sound

I'm raped by my husband
nobody came to my rescue
even when I screamed and cried out with pain
"There is nothing wrong in it!" was their view

I'm raped by my teacher
when he took me to the dark room
If I've opened my mouth anywhere,
threatened me that he would fail me soon

Mother in prostitution
sold me to a broker for money
Motherhood died the moment,
she used me for penny

When the crime was yours
Why should I feel like filth?
When the crime was yours
Why should I bear guilt?

Mind you! Mind you!!
I am strong, I am stronger than you believe, No!, assume not I am weak!
for I am fighting against this cruel and mean world
struggling yet fighting, though I don't get the support and justice I seek!

No woman asks for it

The picture above is disgustingly funny! Isn't it?

Women are raped, because they are raped by someone. Why don't people get this point?!

How to prevent rape

(Images taken from here)

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Sayantini Bhattacharya said...

I loved it. This criminals should be hanged till death. We, women, are not supposed to tolerate every wild move of a man, we have to show them, when WE fight back WE are the POWER!!
Thanks for such a fight back. I love the last four lines so much.

Roshan Yadaw said...

hmmm,,tear ful one,,,penned quite realisticaly
abt tha dirt socity hv in its intentionality"

Arish Dhawan said...

whats the fun of hanging them till death??
its the easiest punishment they can will do no good. the best thing is to make them suffer forever!!
moreover, 'rapes in delhi' is no new issue? heart a lot many times earlier...but what is the government do then? anything? any strict rules?

Enigmatic Soul said...

I still feel overwhelmed about the whole incident and it angers me that the society that we live in is 'managed' by people who refuse to open their minds and allow a woman the right and the space of being an equal human.

"When the crime was yours
Why should I feel like filth?
When the crime was yours
Why should I bear the guilt?" - Very true and powerful words.

Personally, as a woman, my safety now lies in my hands alone. No law, police and government is able to secure it for me precisely because for them, I'm not a human at all.

Very well penned.

Vineet Digga said...

this is so sad a poem; yet so true. perfectly captured. good work!

Siny U K Nair said...

U rolld tears in my eyes valli

Arumugam Easwar said...

It's the voice of hapless women. Heart-wrenching.

Panchali said...

Just loved it, Valli!!A very timely post!

The event numbs me with sadness. What kind of demons exist in the garb of 'human beings'..I wonder!

kavz said...

Nice one..very sad.. Your poem speaks not only about Delhi rape recently, but also other brutal rapes that shook mankind

IndianaRonaldo said...

Your poetry skills are not lost behind this powerful message. Angrily and very well done.

gayatri soni said...

It's pathetic! I'm feeling dizzy.

Kitty said...

My heart grieved and my spirit embittered by this incident, timely Intense poem!

Saru Singhal said...

I read this post while promoting it on Indi this morning. This is such an emotional at the same time powerful read. Hats off to you!

CYNOSURE said...

I'm speechless... :O

Meenakshi Malhotra said...

True, we are stronger than we are thought to be! Loved the poem, loved the pictures and artwork. Bang on!

Rahul Bhatia said...

Valli, what you wrote is the harsh truth! We need to have better values inculcated to make us respect the women!!Amazing weave of words!!

Sadia Khan said...

Pain they go through can never be expressed in words or sketched....their heart n body witness it only....still u did justice with the current situation n the evil face of the society ...

sathish kumar said...

Heart crunching...

Bikramjit said...

sad sad situation.. hanging these people wont solve it , its too easy , BUt kepe them alive and put them together in a cell full of rapists and let them ROT.. till they beg for death ..

Now that will surly help


Anonymous said...

dont know wat to say.. with the sad state of world, so many emotions.. but still finding the solutions.. i liked the strength depicted in last para of the poem.. sketches are aptly showing the incident..

Tarang Sinha said...

You crafted this poem really really well & poignantly!! Apt words and sketches.

Grace said...

Isn't it sad and disgusting that we live in a world where women are thought less valuable than men ?

This is a powerful and wonderful post, including the art sketches ~ I hope more people, men and women, would read it ~

Wishing you Happy Holiday and Cheers for the new Year ~

Green Speck said...

Lines full of tears, and sad truth ... why can't the world become a safer place for women?

Rupertt Wind said...

That is so painful. I can see the pain in the words.

Jay Singh said...

Hi Valli,

"Why should I bear the guilt"
This line summarizes the plight of a rape victim quite appropriately. You have written a sad but beautiful poem. Loved the sketches, good work done.


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Anonymous said...

valli you brought out emotions of every single girl in this world - what a wonderful poetry you've written -actually these reasons are all bullshit that a women encourages men ,bloody reasons given by some perverts of the same feild -valli its really amazing- hats off to you to write some thing like this -i hope some people will realize and wake up from the deep sleep

Fatima said...

Heart felt..I wish there was an end to this crime and justice is delivered...

The madrasi said...

Every women can relate to this , sad but the truth, I badly wish justice isn't denied.

Saro said...


POOJA... said...

penned so nicely...
n congrats to Anu also...

numerounity said...

Well written.

Riddhi Takyar said...

The art work is amazing....but the poem made me speechless...It's brilliant

Umesh Tarsariya said...

Posting about current trend amazing concept and social responsibility keep it up

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Zunnur said...

Wonderful poem, Valli! It has a very strong emotion built into it. You've depicted the painful cries of rape victims from every angle. It is so complete.

I just don't understand why people rape, I don't think people with sound minds would want to do it.

Sneha Sharma said...

You have beautifully described such a horrifying feeling.

Samrat said...

Each and every word bears the intense pain that compels the readers to think of the highly piteous state of our society. People have grown from being immoral to amoral. Girls and women have become an easy prey to some deranged sadists who have become an extra burden not only for the society but also for the planet Earth. And we need to get rid of such trashes asap, for a better,vibrant tomorrow .

Anonymous said...

Very touching and emotional.

Very well written, you have done well to capture the associated pain, anger, frustration and insecurity.

Satish said...

Very courageous writing!, You have put your soul in these words. I can only wish for us to have the courage to stop lying to oneself and start accepting truth 'as it is'.

These people(or rather criminals) don't suddenly dropped out of the sky on this earth. They lived on this planet upto now, and many such people are still living in our society. They don't just became criminal out of a sudden flash, but rather they have gone through a 'training period' in which their behavior is 'continuously justified' at each stage by our society. Every time we ignore every 'eye teaser' or an 'inappropriate' behavior, we are accepting (and actually helping) and encouraging that person to master his 'skills' further.
We must ask ourselves that wheather our lack of courage is actually helping an 'rapist in making'.

Anonymous said...

on a dark eve of vice,
when we all lost our sight,
one torched herself ,
and said "let there be light"....

Satya Rekha Ramaswamy said...

U have echoed the voice of the women all around the globe... Being a girl is indeed scary these days...

Anil Kumar Yerrapragada said...

Brilliant post. The emotion as well as the real gravity of the situation have come up really well.

Magnesfiesta of Mumbai said...

The poem touched my heart..


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