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Budding poetry

Budding poetry
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When I first read poems
I used to feel
Ah!!...Poetry is such a bliss!
Can I ever write something like this?

There was a time
I used to rhyme
forcibly and insensibly
without much meaning or feeling

To write something
was the only wish
So, I used to scribble thoughts
though they were stupid and rubbish

I used to turn
to make my friends hear my awful poetry
They sometimes used to run
when they saw who was approaching, me!!

Budding poetry
never a perfect one
But, it is a learning experience
for future poems to be beautifully done!

While I was cleaning my shelf, I saw an old book with my initial poems. As I started reading, I couldn't control my laughter as they were so funny and stupid :D I felt "Is this me who wrote all this nonsense? :P Now, I understand why my friends used to run away when I told them to read my poems :P" Nevertheless, still I love my initial works as they laid foundation to my future works :)

  Sharing some of my initial poems, Read them at your own risk :P

Long ago in red sea

There was a red sea which was deep
Where there lived an octopus which fell asleep
When it woke up, It was hungry, It saw a yellow fish
It chased it to make a good dish
While chasing, It saw a huge blue whale
By seeing whale's red eyes, It's face turned pale
The whale chased it like a jet
But the whale was trapped in the net

Story of Edd

There was Edd
Who was dressed in red
While he was going ahead
He met with an accident on his head
In hospital, he fell on the bed
Everyday he was eating only bread
With that food he was always fed
Nurse came again with bread
"I want something different", He said
Nurse came with milk and bread
Looking at bread he was more fed
To his anger this had led
"I want something different", angrily he said
The nurse came with jam and bread
He was extremely irritated and said
"I want to live up to hundred years! You dumb head!
With your stupid deeds don't break my head"
She left the place with tears shed
Then he said,"I think she has no brain in her head"
Next day she came with juice instead of bread
Happily he drunk it and said
Thank God! at least now you got what I said
Then she replied,"Sorry sir, In that juice there was a powder of bread"
Listening to that he had gone mad and struck his head
His face turned like letter 'Z'
This is the story of poor Edd!

Story written as poem

Long ago, there was a hungry crow
It was searching for food in snow
After a long search, It got a piece of bread
"Thank God!, I got some food", it said
Then the fox came there in the search of food
And told the crow that its voice was good
Then the fox asked it to sing a song
When the crow sung, the bread did not last long
Then the crow realized that what it had done was wrong
So, Never believe people who flatter
Always keep in mind this matter


Friendship is the noblest thing is this whole world
It is precious than silver or gold
It is the treasure that can be bought or sold
It is something which a person should always hold
It is the path from which one shouldn't be deviated and stay bold

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Saru Singhal said...

Looks like you are a winner from the start. Beautiful, honest and innocent work. :)

Meenakshi Malhotra said...

Valli, You got me here! but can a poet escape those learning years and all the stupidities that come with that. I feel stupid even now sometimes. And those initial poems those are so cute, imagination at its best. Oh! why we mature to term these gems stupidities, why we grow up. Why we just don't freeze in those times, when everything is was possible, even living on an octopus! You are blessed, Valli!

Sri Valli said...

Thanks for the read Saru :) ^_^ Feels great to hear 'winner from the start!' :)

Thanks for the read. I totally agree! :) "why we mature to term these gems stupidities?" Ah! that's so true! Thank God!, there is still a child in me which treasures sweet innocent things like these poems :) But, sadly sometimes, matured part dominates and calls them stupid :/

Anonymous said...

awwwwww ...those were such cute poems -and u noe what i am a big fan of ur poems ,i love them to the core -even these initial poems made me smile :) :)

Rahul Bhatia said...

Absolutely Brilliant, Valli:) Addorable poems though you claim they were just the begining!! Do get them published!!

Chhavi Vatwani said...

What? Oh baby, those poems are good! As a child, if words and stories can matter that much - the amount of feelings you've tried to express with your limited sentence making knowledge! - it is even more beautiful instead of stupid! Some are funny, yes I agree, but it's still brilliant! If you look at my initial poems, you'd die of boredom! I die of boredom reading them! Seriously :P

I LOVEEEE the "long ago in red sea" poem - how it all makes sense in the last line - everything just Boom! Right where it belongs! Cruel world..

I also love your Story of Edd because I also felt like that when I was admitted to a hospital :P I could understand how his face turned Z! ;)

And for the Story Written as Poem!-well what can I say. A small Poetry with a meaning is worth a thousand words!

sathish kumar said...

:) Mind blowing Valli.... :)
loved story of Edd :))

Zunnur said...

When you have a passion for something, you have no choice except to start from somewhere. Writing is certainly a learning experience and it becomes meaningful with the inspiration and motivation from blogging buddies. I too feel silly when I read my past works and my older blog posts.

Your old poems are so cute indeed. I like the way each of them rhymes, especially Friendship, it is short yet so sweet.

Jay Singh said...

Hi valli,

That was so cute and innocent. I especially liked edd. :D
Every line ending in a rhyme. Thanks for sharing your initial work :)



Unknown!!! said...

i see you got a wonderful blog here...keep it up
to be honest havent read the long poem you posted only the 1st part..
I dropped by to thank for the votes at indiblogger...I see the bottom disclaimer of yours is similar to mine..coincidence I should say..keep posting.

Rupertt Wind said...

Your initial works are beautiful and candid.

I must tell you it takes much self awareness and poise to acknowledge that your past was up to the mark ( though yours are Shakespearean compared to my best poem), You have the making of a great now all you have to do is go the distance.

And I can tell that its my friend who is now the great poet you see....

Anonymous said...

I have nominated you for the blogger of the year award. If you do not accept Awards I understand, just know you are appreciated by

shilpi3005 said...

Amazing words

Bikramjit said...

very true friendship is very noble and I beleive in it with all my heart ..

I wish i am able to write a poem someday , I have tried but never managed to .. you are GOOOD ... keep it up and all the best


Satya Rekha Ramaswamy said...

To begin with... Lovely image... the words in poem depicts the thoughts of a budding poet... Friends reaction - I cant totally undestand.

What i loved is ur initial days poem... Especially the story of Edd and that story in deep red sea... They are marvelous...

And hey! u rhyme very nice. I remember that when i was young, I just could not write anything! I used to fail shamelessly. At least u ver successful!!!

Noopur Kothari said...

Really indeed post, and you have a Beautiful outlook of your blog...
And thanks for supporting my post on indiblogger :)


Dulcina said...

We all are always learning, Valli. Only God is perfect.
Your first poems show innocence and I enjoyed them a lot, believe me, it was worth taking the risk!
Thoughts are never stupid or rubbish.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Thanks for sharing your poetry and go on writing.
A hug,


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