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My hair care story written in 'C'

#include <grannys_hair_tips.h>
#include <google_search.h>
#include <my_hair_experiences.h>
void natural_home_remedies_to_common_hair_problems_main()
int select_hair_problem;
printf("Enter hair problem \n \n");
printf("1. Hair fall \n");
printf("2. Dandruff \n");
printf("3. Dull and Frizzy hair \n");
printf("4. Split ends \n");
printf("5. Gray hair \n");
printf("6. Limp hair \n");
printf("7. Lice \n");
scanf( "%d",&select_hair_problem);

case 1:

printf("Hair fall Remedy....\n");

int wheat-grass_juice, onion_juice, aloe-vera_juice, beated_egg_yolk,hairfall_remedy_hairpack;

hairfall_remedy_hairpack=Apply(wheatgrass_juice + onion_juice + aloe-vera_juice + beated_egg_yolk);

break(Hair fall!);

case 2:

printf( "Dandruff remedy....\n" );

int lime_juice, honey, soaked_fenugreek_paste,dandruff_remedy_hairpack;

dandruff_remedy_hairpack= Apply(lime_juice+honey+soaked_fenugreek_paste);


case 3:

printf("Dull and frizzy hair remedy....\n");

int olive_oil,almond_oil,frizzy_hair_remedy_hairoil;

frizzy_hair_remedy_hairoil= Apply(warm(olive_oil+almond oil));

break(Frizzy and dull hair!);

case 4:

printf("Split end prevention....\n");

int papaya_paste, curd, honey,splitends_prevention_hairpack;

/* There is no cure for split ends...cut the damaged hair and nourish the undernourished hair tips so that split ends don't return */

splitends_prevention_hairpack= Apply(papaya_paste+curd+honey);

break(Split ends!);

case 5:

printf("Natural hair dyes...\n");

int henna_powder,lime_juice,curd,roasted_garlic_peel,olive_oil,natural_hair_dye1,natural_hair_dye2;

/* Prevent premature graying of hair by using granny's_hair_tip2 in default */



break(Gray hair!);

case 6:

printf("Limp hair remedy.....\n");

int banana_paste,avocado_paste,limp_hair_remedy_hairpack;


break(Limp hair!);

case 7:

printf("Tip that helps remove lice easily...\n");

int Neem_juice,vinegar,Lice_Removal_Tip;

Lice_Removal_Tip= Before_using_lice-comb(Apply(Neem_juice+Vinegar));


printf( "General Hair Tips...\n
1. Don't worry!, Be happy...Stress free brain is less prone to hair fall!

(I've seen my sister's hair growing back in full volume few months after she completed her 10th exams.)\n\n

2. Have a proper and balanced diet. Include fruits, veggies and lots of green leafy vegetables (My Granny says Coriander and Curry leaves are very good for hair)\n\n

3. Have adequate sleep...\n\n

4. Cleanse and conditions hair at least twice a week.\n
granny's_hair_tip1(Wash the hair with soap nut powder and leaves of hibiscus soaked in warm water...Soap nuts deeply cleans hair...
and leaves of hibiscus acts like conditioner)\n \n

No time for traditional method?\n\n

Things to note while choosing a shampoo...\n
Know your hair first. It helps you select the right shampoo based on your hair type. Here's a cool application to know your hair..Make sure the shampoo is mild, Ph balanced and light scented and suits your hair type. Use a good nourishing, mild conditioner after you shampooing hair. Using shampoo alone makes your hair dry.\n\n

5. Massage hair with oil regularly...It improves blood circulation in the scalp. It nourishes and acts as lubricant to hair machinery\n
granny's_hair_tip2(Take one and a half liter of pure coconut oil...and add 10 Indian gooseberries(amla), finger full of henna leaves, curry leaves, Bhringaraj leaves, Brahmi leaves, 5 purple hibiscus. Then Warm the oil in low flame for 15-20 minutes ...Filter the oil and store in a bottle) Use this oil....It prevents hairfall and other hair problems.\n\n

6. While going out, protect the hair from pollution and sun by covering hair with hat or scarf or use hair sunscreen.\n\n

7. Use hair friendly combs and hair friendly accessories....Avoid hairbands that have metal connectors. The Hair gets stuck in them and gets damaged.\n\n

8. Do not comb while the hair is wet. Run the fingers gently to remove tangles.\n\n

9. Do not use others’ combs, towels or brushes.\n\n

10. Allow hair to air dry, Try to avoid hairdryers.\n\n

11. Avoid using dyes. Use henna instead, It is natural dye which colors and conditions hair.\n\n

12. Drink lots of water. It flushes out toxins.\n\n

13. Do not wash hair with too hot or too cold water. Use warm water.\n\n

14. Do not tighten ponytail by pulling the hair in directions to slide the hairband closer to head. It damages hair.\n\n

15. Quit drinking and smoking. It affects the health and natural color of hair. Avoid too much intake of caffeine\n\n

16. Clean brushes and combs. Wash them thrice weekly.\n\n");
printf(".......and that was the end of hair problems");

Dove hair-aware app --> { How hair aware are you? }

This post is written as an entry for Dove - My beautiful hair story contest :)

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Subhorup Dasgupta said...

oh wow, this was really creative. i do so wish that this makes it to the top of the pile. hope there will be at least one code-literate judge on the panel. great writing.

Vaisakhi said...

wow....diffrnt creative n witty hair care app in c is so needed now...5 starts to this program...:)....loved it...

Jasmeet said...

wow, amazing style you choose to describe in coding , liked the idea :) and you picture adding flavor to you blog. great talent and loved your blog theme too
ALl the Best Valli!


Sajju said...

lol... good one valli.... did u execute this program? lol

Neha said...

haha, very innovative way to describe hair problems. C programs are fun to write when the subject of interest if close to heart :)
You have nice hair by the way and good luck for the contest :)

Panchali said...

Ewww..that was a lethal revenge!...omg! LOL..
And though the coding part flew off my head...but, kudos to ur creative brain!
Great take on the theme...and I love ur page. Its so beatiful...:)

Sri Valli said...

Thanks for the read and wishes :)
Thanks for the read :)
Thanks for the read :)
Haha!..Nope...Didn't you read the P.s part..?
Thanks for the read :)
Thanks for the read :)

Someone is Special said...


This is highly creative! Hmmm Good luck to you!!! Let our precious Judges and IndiBlogger acknowledge your hard work!

Now coming to C Program - if Apply is the function where it is defined? And the default will print as a paragraph and not as shown above because new line escape sequence is not used :P PS: Hmm, thank you for bring back my college memories. I'm one of those stupid fellows who wrote C programs for all challenges thrown to me.. Thanks for writing!!!!!!!!

Someone is Special

Sri Valli said...

@Someone is special...Thanks for your lovely comment...:)

Haha!...Thanks for keen observation of program and pointing out some mistakes.....Coming to the methods used in this program....Assume them as pre-defined methods....and I'll include the new line ...Thanks for correcting :)

Someone is Special said...

Bug free program :P

Someone is Special

daisyDee said...

Nice... really nice... came acrosss ur blog from Indiblogger and found it creative and interesting.. keep up d work!


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