Tuesday, April 03, 2012


(Photo by Ksenia)

Heart filled with hatred
harbors jealousy and
injures itself more!!

Written for Haiku Heights

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debu said...

a bit traumatic ..expression... but good.

CYNOSURE said...

the very first victim of hatred is the one in whose heart it resides...
very well said... :)
was a catchy haiku indeed...and u caught me with it... :)

Ellecee said...

Ouch!!!!! This is a tough one Valli, but well crafted.Jealousy can be dangerous.

Anonymous said...


Kitty said...

Picture alone says it all... :)
good one !

beccagivens said...

So very true!! Dangerous indeed!!!

This is my Day 3 ~~ Harbor.

☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬ said...

Thanks for the read Debu, Cynosure,Ellecee,Blackandwhiteheart, Kitty and Becca :)


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