Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A Birthday note to my brother

dexter dee dee sketch

I am Tom and you are Jerry
Now don't get excited and think you are intelligent
I meant you are over smart
and I'm innocent :P

I am Dee Dee and you are Dexter
Now don't get excited and think you are a genius
I meant you are a boring nerd
and I'm chirpy bubbly princess :P..(Now stop your Ahem Ahem)

Smart, Matured, Intelligent and Lively..
Oh come on! It isn't you silly...
These words suits me the best..Right?
(Tick your choice)
1. Yes 2. Yes..

I'll always be there to irritate you
I'll always be there to fight with you
I'll always be there to argue with you
Coz, After all, you are my world's best sweetest enemy!!

Happy Birthday Bro! :)

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Rahul Bhatia said...

Very Sweet post Valli:) Am yet to see a sweeter birthday wish!

Simran said...

Happy Birthday to you sweet brother :)
Beautiful poetry and a loving dedication!
Loved it..

P.S.-I like your blog's background too :)

Much love sisy!
Take care

Anonymous said...

That is so very sweet, indeed. Your bro is so lucky, and belated wishes to him :)

Siny U K Nair said...

Cute cuter cutesssss <3 loved it :)

☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬ said...

Thank you Rahul, Simi, adreamygal,Siny

Anonymous said...

nice poem and happy b'day 2 ur bro

Akshay Kumar G said...

Very sweet and beautiful note. Happy Birthday to your bro. :)

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Thank you so much for the read Chirag, Akshay :)

гαvι said...



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