Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unlucky Princess

fallen angel
Photo by Protogeny

She is the princess
She has got many friends
But no one who could see her heart
This princess is so lonely

She is the princess
She has been showered with lots of love
But not a bit that is true
This princess needs true love

She is the princess
She has got many riches
But all of them can't buy her a moment of joy
This princess is so sad

She is the princess
She has got beautiful wings
But her wings are clipped
This princess is looking for freedom

She is the princess
She has got beautiful eyes
But dreams in her eyes got shattered
This princess lost all hope

She is the princess
She has got lovely voice
But she could not sing her sad story
This princess has turned mute

She is the princess
She has got everything
But actually,
To cherish, She has got nothing
This princess is so unlucky!!

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╰» Dimps ♥ said...

gud one darlz :)

Anonymous said...
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Ashar said...

Nice :)

winds of time said...

describing feelings in princess concept bagundi :) :) :)

Valli said...

Winds of time

ThanQ =]

Cutie Pie (♥‿♥) said...

Baagundhi ..loved d pic.

Nandu said...

thaliyaa super.., Hey pic poem ki baga suit indhi :P
baga xperince vachsindhi valli niku inka poems rayadam lo :P

U Rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Kalpana said...

Nice Poem Valli :)

Valli said...



kiran said...

superb kadaa..!! :)
kani papam princess...

Valli said...

ThanQ Kiran
Hmm papam :'(

PRANEETH said...

Does this resembles you...
Princess lo inni feeling aa....

anyway well written..

Valli said...


Resembles me to some extent..:)


Shaz said...
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PRANEETH said...

Was it the Solitary Princess...:P

I could say it was one of the best ever of your poetry...
Expressed all your feelings in your poetry
Good one

Valli said...

Yeah Solitary Princess

ThanQ Praneeth..:)

Simran said...

Wow Valli,
So beautifully you expressed the pain within the hopeless princess heart! .. You too a sparkling princess but I know you are so cheerful and you have many friends who give you shoulder to cry or smile :)
Keep smiling and soar high :)
Take care

Valli said...

Thanq so much Simran :)

sathish kumar said...

hymn of loneliness... nice


"She has got beautiful wings, but her wings are clipped".. super like! :)
Very well described thought!

Mak said...

beautiful eyes but shattered dreams :(

Nice composition Valli gaaru.


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