Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I love nature

(Photo by Little Heart Archu)

The sight of the rising sun
Is filled with full of fun
The leaves in touch of the morning dew
Makes us feel that the life is new
The fragrance of the rose
From one place to another it goes
The bees buzzing and collecting honey
Tells you to work hard Sunny
The wings of the butterfly
Look colorful when they flyby
The melody present in chirping of birds
It cant be described in just mere words
The beauty present in squirrels tail
It can be written as a fairytale
The humming of honey bee
On that fragrant jasmine tree
Need more than two eyes to see
The petals of the radiant lily flower
makes us to forget it never
The colors of the rainbow
behind the valley covered with snow
Tells many things you don't know
The power of unity they all show
The beautiful wings of the dove
Is as pure as love
When we see the sky during sun set
It will be delightful I bet
When we see the twinkling star
Makes us wonder why they are so far
Oh! How great is our mother nature!
With so many seasons and miniature!!

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εїз said...

luved d last 2 linez :x

Valli said...

ThanQ Prathi..:)

TD* said...

:) nice one

Valli said...

ThanQ TD


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