Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Submit your thoughts...It could be anything....your poetry.... your prose.... your quotes.... or just some of your random thoughts.....
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'I Love me as I have this universe in me'


'from the day we are born to the day we are buried;
earth to earth, ash to ash;
life is a gamble either take it or leave it'
'seems like we are sitting at the shore n the ocean an revelation of the immortal soul;
life is a gamble, either take it or leave it'
'anxiety & depression engraved over our forehead;
love lust libido or pure happiness? with each passing day v r no less a glutton;
life is a gamble, either take it or leave it'
'myopic is our view & so is d thought;
having been born does not oblige us 2 d specific guidelines;
do not try hard coz dis time round life is not a gamble!!'


spring dawn
picking bouquets
of poetry


There is always little truth behind "Just kidding"...
A little emotion behind "I don't care"...
A little pain behind "It's Ok"...

Don't promise when you're happy,
Don't reply when you're angry,
And don't decide when you're sad....
That may lead you to worst cases ever as that of which happened to me :/

--Madhu Bhargava

Laying on the rotten floorboards
aware but unconscious
With fictions clutched to chest
the Schooner without a dew
Moist eyes,
Sober lips,
Storms plea
clouds downpour with tears to brim'st

--Arish Dhawan

A wish

A wish,
To make a change,
To make a difference,
To 'heal the world',
To see a better tomorrow,
To plant a tree,
To do something for the poor,
To lend a helping hand,
To stand beside every Man,
To stop injustice done to man,
To stand up for humanity,
To love every human,
To fight for existence,
To be someone,
To succeed in life,
To get pardon for the mistakes I have done,
To be always a God's son,
To live a life full of fun,
To live forever,
It is my wish to be a true human.

-- By Arnab Kumar Roy

You are My Mother

You are like a burning candle which will not extinguish until the end of time,
You are like the farthest star twinkling in the sky,
You are like the limitless ocean,
You are beyond time.

You are like the highest mountain rising above all,
You are like the rising Sun which will never set,
You are like the endless space,
You are forever in my hearts.

You are my Inspiration,
You are my love,
You are my Life,
You are my Mother!
I love you Mom every moment of my life.

--By Arnab Kumar Roy

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