Monday, March 01, 2010

I'm Just a girl

I'm just a girl <3
Girl with million dreams in her eyes
Girl searching for truth among lies

Girl who loves to eat ice-cream in the rain
And loves to glance at the meadows from the window of a train

Girl who cries watching emotional movies
And loves listening to Grandma telling the stories of fairies

Girl who enjoys little joys of counting the stars, Chasing a butterfly
And feeling the smell of the mud when the rain falls on earth so dry

Girl who imagines herself as a star
Who wanna shine all the way very far

Girl who loves to make fun and tease her little Bro
And In some cases, who tries to be like her mother and imitate her as she grow

Girl who gets inspiration from her Dad
And learns from the experiences that he had

Girl who has silly fights with her friends
That are all over as the day ends

Girl who loves to shop all the day
With small children she loves to play

Girl who is creative and artistic
And a great lover of music

Girl who is lil selfish in sharing her chocolates
And loves cute teddy's, roses and bracelets

Girl who loves gazing at the stars and the moon
Girl who enjoys watching Tom & Jerry cartoon

Girl who believes happiness lies in small things
Sometimes, wishes she could fly with her imaginary wings

Girl who cries and smiles while recollecting  memories
Girl who finds pleasure while she is lost in reveries

Girl who tries to smile hiding her tears
Hiding all her inner feelings and fears

Girl who always listens to what her heart says
Where her soul lies there her happiness stays

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... Madhumathi ... said...

Wow.. :) ur just a gal! :) a gal .. filled vth emotions .. n can present dem .. in a vry beautiful way! :) .. Luvin' dis gal.. now ;)

Valli said...

...He He...ThanQ Madhu..=]

Sweet of you!

Mansoor Naqvi said...

Nice one...

Valli said...



Jyothi said...

Well..... this made me feel.... Good.... Its a really good work..... Just keep going.....

Just remembering that there always remains a gal in every women..... no matter how old she is....

Valli said...

ThanQ Jyothi....And I loved your lines...Very true!

"Avi" said...

nice !

Valli said...

Thanx Avi :)

PRANEETH said...

Bagundi bagundi...
chaduvuthunte vastune undi...

Nice to hear...

PRANEETH said...

Aprreciated more for the animated Pic...

U are so special in doing such..

Keep it up


Valli said...

ThanQ :)

╰» Dimps ♥ said...


Valli said...


huda said...

its really very nice its something which i cant explain!!!

ur friend huda :)

Valli said...

Hey...ThanQ dear..:)

Pari Ali said...

very beautiful thoughts around you i like it superb ..yar :)

i mean it there is some words similar about me in that too ..:) ..

wow just reflect the girl's in general personality with alive colors and full of emotions keep on writing good stuff
im a fan of yours vallz from heart :)

maybe inspiration i get from you positive things :)

May God bless you always Inshallah

Ameen :)

WID FUll of nature and life yours friend

Pari Ali

☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬ said...

Thank you so much Pari :)


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