Friday, January 01, 2010

Why do relations break?

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Why do relations break?
Why do we feel that love is fake?

When ego and pride
rise from the place they hide,
suppress our true feelings inside
and spread themselves wide

We see things with our eyes
rather than with our heart
that leads to illusions
and throws the actual truth apart

We act crookedly wise
never try to compromise
We do not try to forgive mistakes
as if we are perfect in our ways

We will not accept the person
the way they are
We try to change them, mold them
according to our wishes, that finally leaves a scar!

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... Madhumathi ... said...

Akka... good poem ! :)

Valli said...

Thanx Madhu..:)

Raviee said...

Super akka....short and sorted..!..;)

Valli said...

ThanQ bro!

Jyothi said...

I love the article....
But sometimes,
Relations break just because they never existed, rather had an illusion of existence...

Valli said...

ThanQ Jyothi....

Loved your lines too!

Fatima said...

Sometimes relations break if they are not meant to be but many a times due to the underlying ego!

Nice poem...lovely :)

Take Care.

Valli said...

Very true Fatima...thanks for the read

telugu said...

Hi Valli That is absolutely true. Thats what happening in many ones lives now a days. Hope at least the people who understand this might not behave like that.

☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬ said...

Thanks Telugu :)
and even I hope so :)

Jay Singh said...

Hi Valli,

Yes, correctly stated. Most of the relationships break due to these reasons. We must learn to accommodate and adjust in order to lead a life with another soul. Merry Christmas. :)


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a Rat said...

Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how our partner should lead their life, instead of his/her own. So very true, the ego and the pride. simple and nicely penned, Valli.

Arumugam Easwar said...

Yea, we see things with eyes not through hearts. Beautiful!

KAJAL said...

lovely lines.... :)

Vineet Digga said...

woah. how do you write so many great poems? teach meee pleaseee.

Umesh Tarsariya said...

so true really

if an individual just improve them self they will never face such a situation

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sathish kumar said...

true... perfect

JK said...

A very good poem. Thank you.

gayatri soni said...

Beautiful! :)

Enchantress said...

we all need an answer for it


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