Monday, November 23, 2009

Childhood Memories

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You and me walking hand in hand
Building temples in the sand
Endless walks in rain
Sharing sorrows in pain
Thinking about those impossible dreams
Under single umbrella, Sharing ice-creams
Counting together the stars in sky
Climbing hills that are very high
Collecting shells in the beach
Trying to catch the stars which are out of reach
Blowing bubbles in air
Doing anything...good or bad in pair
Making each other smile
Sharing gossips for a while
Playing hide and seek in the garden
You lifting me up when I've fallen
Crying for those broken toys
And homework that really annoys
Going on a ride on the bicycle
Doing all the mischief and together we chuckle
Stealing mangoes from the neighbors tree
Humming song melodiously
Tapping feet concurrently
Playing with puppies on our lap
Seeing our favorite hero together we clap
In the rain, Feeling the joy together we drench
Giggles and laughter under the bench
Everyday having a silly fight
That are all over by night
Childhood has that pure innocence
And also fun in immense
What a beautiful memories are those
They never leave my heart and goes
I wish I could be a child once again
And enjoy all the sweet pain

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Anonymous said...

Masthundi Siri :)

Rupesh said...

its said imprinted comment leaves the worthness of any creativity..any art...after goin thru..i was compelled to jot down these lines...really sensitive and promising...

Keep bloggin..

... Madhumathi ... said...

Really sooperb akka ! Yea! childhood memories are ever lasting :)

Valli said...


ThanQ for your comments..=]

Princess said...

MAsth 1

Valli said...

ThanQ Princess =]

SrizZ said...

Crying for those broken toys
And homework that really annoys

^ ^

LolzZ :D Missin' the ChildHood To the Core :-s :( :P

Valli said...

ThanQ SrizZ..:)

☺♥♪Feelings Heart Felt♪♥☺ said...

valli akk simply luv ur poetry fida fo all ur writings ...keep rocking \,,/

Valli said...

☺♥♪Feelings Heart Felt♪♥☺



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