Monday, October 26, 2009

How does it feel when we are lonely?

Lonely girl hugging her teddy

Do you know?....How I feel when I'm lonely?
Do you know how it will be?

It is when I talk,talk and talk
But nobody pays attention and they just walk away

It is when I show so much care and concern
And nobody cares for it

It is when I'm filled with this killing emptiness
And my life is full of mess

It is when everybody around me learns to ignore
And even my near ones hates me to the core

It is when I'm together, Yet alone
It is when I'm lost and just gone

It is when I gaze the stars in the sky
And just question them 'Why?'

It is when I hug my teddy when I'm lil blue
And express my feelings to it which are very true

It is when people are here, there and everywhere
But I'm in my fantasy world but not anywhere

It is when I can feel only my presence
And rest of the world's absence

It is when I'm lost in dreams
Walking a lonely road, singing silent screams

It is when I have this cold feeling of being unwanted
Out of Sad and glad, It is when 'sadness' when my fate had opted

It is when I talk with myself looking at the mirror
And ask why I'm the victim of this cold lonely terror

It is when I sit in a corner and weep
and keep questioning God until I fall asleep

This eternal loneliness, It is my best friend
It never leaves me till the end

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PRANEETH said...

Excellent valli....

poetry is one that sense's heart...lucky to be a frined of u...

Solitude, loneliness poetry is really awesome...but hope u are not the one so..:D

Bhavishya said...

wonderful valli..... nakaithe chala nachindi.. too touching dalz :)
na feelings kuda unnay ee poem lo..originality bavundi.. nice thinking dalz :) keep rocking :)

RAVI said...

Abhaaa akka nu chaala baaga raasthavu poems...yu hav a great vision..and u jus mould ur feelings..very well into ur poem..!!but but but,,,thelsu ga nenu em expect chesthunaano nee dhaggirnunchi..??Pleaze atleast next time nakosam okkan manchi coffee laanti poem raayu ok na??:)...nee Fan request anuko idhi!!...All the Best..

uknow said...
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SrizZ said...

it is when I hug my teddy when I'm lil blue

I Luv This Sentence :) RIllY Gud Piece Of Work VallI :) All The Best :) GUd LucK

dipu said...

sweakeits nice.....

winds of time said...

true words...true feelings !! simply superb.

venkat... said...

hey superb gr8 poetry... i loved it..... chala baga rasav...

but alanti life evariki undakudadhu.... anukuntunna

anthala involve ayya ne poerty lo... naku matalu ravatle ela cheppalooo.. but nelaa nenu kuda poet ayi unte ee poetry entha bagundoo oka poem rasi chepevadini its really beautiful..

anand said...

it just touched my heart...i can feel this's so thoughtful...another nice poem m ur big fan :D

Valli said...


ThanQ very much...


ThanQ dear...


ThanQ...I'll try my best


ThanQ =]



Winds of time

ThanQ =]


ThanQ =]


ThanQ =]

luckyless said...

great poem

winds of time said...

hiii...waiting for ur other posts

Valli said...


ThanQ very much

winds of time

Will be posting soon...:)

Pranab said...

yeah really beautiful... liked the rhythmic ending of stanza. carry it on..

Valli said...

ThanQ Pranab!

dgdhan said...

It is pain being alone, when you are in frienship

It is tragic being alone, when you are in love

It is hell being alone, when you are in need

well written Valli,
I too write poetry, but in telugu.
check it if you are interested

☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬ said...

Thank you dgdhan :)

shivani said...

Yeah lonely...all of us are. U know what is not that bad Valli. There is some kind of comfort in that...some steadfastness...some tranquility ... Think about it like that. Then no more tears, no more pain...
The poem is beautiful...full of emotions. Loved it.


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