Sunday, October 11, 2009


Feeling empty
(Photo by Little Heart Archu)

I am the broken empty soul
Waiting for a person who loves me as a whole

I am the burning candle
Feeling the pain inside that I cannot handle

I am the bird in a cage
Awaiting for freedom, trying to get out at any stage

I am an empty sky
Waiting to get filled with stars of joy

I am an empty sky
Waiting to get filled with birds that flyby

I am an empty tree
Waiting to get filled with leaves of love

I am an empty tree
Waiting to get filled with flowers accompanied by dove

I am a fading rose
Waiting for honey bee to accompany me as it goes

I am having an empty sleep
Waiting for a dream that doesn't make me weep

I am an empty beach
Trying to touch the sky which is out of reach

I am an empty guitar
Waiting to get played by a rock-star who stays very far

I am an empty diary
Waiting to get filled with words of a beautiful memory

I have empty arms
Waiting for a hug filled with charms

I am walking on an empty road
Waiting for a company of someone who is present abroad

I am an empty seashore
Waiting for a sailor who is ready to explore

I am an empty face
Waiting to smile filled with grace

I am an empty space having no trace
Which with something I want to replace

I am empty in many things
But one thing is never incomplete and empty

My Eyes....
They are always filled with tears that never lies

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TD* said...

Simply superb..chala chal chal bagundhi :)

NicK said...

oh ossom lin3s..its so original..a uniqu3 po3m vit natural f33lings..3asy words usag3..u can b a gud story t3ll3r gal..only stuff misin is d 3ditin part..hai na.?.nyw3ys k33p up d gr8 work..

PRANEETH said...

Waw......Really superb....

Framing perfect ga fit ayyindi..

AMD said...

nice poem...

Valli said...

ThanQ Everyone..:)

PRANEETH said...

Poetry ki pette pics kuda really suitable....

u r doing a gud job rey...
keep it up

Valli said...




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