Sunday, October 20, 2013

If you could see poetry through my eyes....


I am surrounded by people who think
poetry as a worthless art and a waste of time
I pity them for they couldn't see
the beauty of words decorated with rhyme

Poetry isn't mad writings
on dirty old paper
It is an art of binding emotions
using words as wrapper

If you could see poetry through my eyes.....

Poetry is an art of playing
the rhythm of heart's melody
Poetry is an art of giving wings
to your soul setting your spirit free

Poetry is an art of teaching
words to your pen and making it speak
Poetry is an art of giving breath of words
to your imaginations which are at its peak

Poetry is an art of raining
words when breeze of creativity touches cloud of thoughts
Poetry is an art of reaping words
in the mud of emotions held by creativity pots

Poetry is an art of creating magic
by giving concrete form to your abstract raw thoughts
Poetry is an art of completing a puzzle
by connecting appropriate word dots

Poetry is an art of drawing
a rainbow of words on the paper sky
Poetry is an art of touching hearts
by evoking emotions, anything from joy to sigh

Poetry is an art of sewing a necklace
by binding pearls of words using the thread of emotions
Poetry is an art of dedicating that beautiful necklace
to the mother of writing - Literature.

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a Rat said...

very well defined :)

karthik said...

Don't worry ! Like someone said some people live the life and some just exist ;)

Tarang Sinha said...

Beautifully expressed!:)

Words N Me said...

Truly said.. I too am a poet and so i understand it.. :)

Ankita said...

Poetry is the true reflection of the mentality of a society..
lovely poem !

Rahul Bhatia said...

Poetry is indeed a fine art of blending words with rhyme, Valli:) Very well written:)

sathish kumar said... of binding emotion
using words as wrapper.. there it is to it.... after long time in to you space with and good to see a beautiful read... kudos

Srilakshmi Medukonduru said...

no words :-) i can only say lucky to find your blog :-) I mean it - Srilakshmi

Harshini Naidu said...

This poetry is lovely :)
Your blog is nominated for a liebster :D
Happy blogging :D

Rupertt Wind said...

A beautiful poem about the subtle art of poetry and what it takes to be a poet. Beautiful like always :)

Pages off Life

Ankur Anand said...

so very beautifully defined .. Lovely :)

anitaexplorer said...

Loved your description! I agree!
Nice to see poetry through your eyes, Valli!
Even I'm a great fan of Poetry, actually!

Anonymous said...

Awesome :)

Bharati Singha said...

Just one word - AWESOME!!

Priyanka Artiste said...

Aha.. i often think how to make people understand that what poetry is and there you are my dearie, with the perfect solutions. Cheers and kudos!

preethi said...

Brilliantly put :)

cifar shayar said...

nice poetic description of poetry

Anonymous said...

Poetry is a form of dance,
Not all can perform,
One has to stretch, balance
Only their minds.

Lovely poem!!

Anonymous said...

well said.. only other fellow poets can understand the joy of penning down a poem!

Vandana Sharma said...

Ah! such a heartfelt dedication to poetry:)


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