Friday, September 14, 2012


hand shadow showing freedom

A true reflection of us,
A mute play of our existence
They are what we are,
there lies no pretense

A dynamic painting,
An abstract
entailing shape
and hiding detail

We create boundaries
and get bound by them
They break our boundaries
and fall beyond them

They stalk us
when there is light
and play hide and seek
when it gets dark

To an eyes of a child
They are humor and surprise
To an eyes of a wise man
They are an indicator of time

We can touch them
but, we can't feel them
We can touch them
but, we can't confine them

yet unknown friend
who stands by us

Shadows - I find their existence mysterious. I feel they have life, I feel they don't have life. Actually, I feel they have partial life which is dependent on our existence.They are separated yet an integrated part of us.

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Green Speck said...

Your blog is always fun to visit ... there is so much to learn ... loved the poem and the concept behind it ... truly unique !!!

Anu ~*~ said...

WOW !! very nice poem valli ~ nd the pic clicked by you is just an awesome ..

indu chhibber said...

good one.

Grace said...

Shadows for me are reflections of ourselves ~ It is what it is, in our minds, in our words ~ Thanks for sharing your thoughts ~

Ranita Sinha said...

Wonderfully penned Valli..

Sagittarian said...

A lovely and soooooooo great to read poem!:) Thanks for sharing Valli...:)

Keep it up! :) Thumbs up! :)

Vaishali Jain said...

The picture and the poem both are beautiful. The music too. :)

TTT said...

beautiful ... as usual :)

Rupertt Wind said...

Every time I visit this site its more than just an experience, the music , the poem and the general mood is unfathomable and its all intoxicating. They take me to a state of unparalleled existence, an euphoria.

The poem is beautiful and indeed our shadows are an unkind reflection of our own reality. Such is its chastity that they burn away any pretense.

Very beautifully written.

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Anonymous said...

that was really A lovely read :)

Kumar Suhas said...

Good poem !

Jagathi said...

very beautiful...

Sri Valli said...

Thanks for the read Everyone :)


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