Thursday, August 23, 2012

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dreams unfulfilled
Photo by Puvi Joshi (Mint Icetea Photography)

When your happiness doesn't lie in my dreams....Do I have freedom to follow my heart?

Sometimes, We've to bury our dreams to keep relationships alive or bury our relationships to follow our dreams....Either way we choose....Our future gifts us REGRET for the choice not taken!!...

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Green Speck said...

You are so true ... Future is full of so many regrets ... even though we try 2 b positive, the regrets never leave our mind !!!

Arun Raj said...

Sure does! doesn't it!

Steve said...

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Anisha Pradahn said...

This is so true. But the choices we make are probably the ones we want more and hopefully it plays out well. That's all we can do. Hope.

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Dulcina said...

Follow your heart when the other's happiness doesn't lie in your dreams. The heart knows where true love lives. That's not selfishness, it's common sense.
Don't give your heart to someone you don't love enough for both of you will suffer in the end.
No regrets when you are honest to you and to others.
Don't bury your dreams. Share them with others and when you find someone with your same dreams, try to make them come true together.
Don't regret the past because it's a waste of time: it cannot be changed.
Learn from your mistakes and look at the future with hope.

Sri Valli said...

Thanks for the read Everyone :)


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