Thursday, March 08, 2012

Why did you play with me in the name of love?

broken love
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Why did you say 'I love you!!'
When you really didn't mean it?
They were just three words for you
And a venomous trap set on me, Isn't it?

But, for a fool like me
they were precious words
Words that got engraved in my heart deeply
And now, those marks hit me like swords

Why did you play with me
In the name of love?
You left me broken and devastated
How can I get over all this now??

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kalyan said...


✿Sie✿ said...

a situation I don't want to be into with my relationship we really hurt me deeply!!!!!

Siny U K Nair said...

Very beautiful Valli :)

sahi said...

very nice!!!

Sagittarian said...

That is the most painful part of getting into love, especially if the man was not really in love with you. If we could only avoid those pain, maybe there were no pain in any heart. Great sharing..:)

Locomente said...

Your writings has the capability to touch hearts... Keep inspiring!!!!

Latha Vijayakumar said...


manasvi said...

Itz a really good one..!

☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬ said...

Thanks for the read Kalyan, Sie, Siny,Sahi, Sagittarian,Locomente, Latha and Manasvi :)


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