Friday, February 10, 2012

Child Scribblings

(Photo by Udaya Tushara)

Random scribblings that
child draws with cute tender hands
speak meanings unknown

i comments ツ

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kalyan said...

yes it is ...

tender hands
silly thoughts
lovely life
angel smiles
childish world
its a wonder world
once we cross it
we cant go back

untill we dont become children we cant understand what they mean... nice!!

~*Princesa Fiona*~ said...

This is a beautiful haiku!!

☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬ said...

Thanks for the read Kalyan, Fiona :)

Sagittarian said...

i love this..:)

⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Thank you Sagittarian


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