Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Existence of love

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Never doubt the love's existence
Just because the way you expect, Its not being shown
When the stars align right, You will soon realize its presence
Whose heavenly magic can be felt and known 

Ps: Love assumed in general sense, Not just between boy and girl :)

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Chocolate Lover said...

<3 true :)

εїз Q Ŧ ¶ εїз said...

This was an Eyeopener foh me...I shud thank You :)

Simran said...

That was so cute and true, Valli :)

Eon Heath said...

Hey,, Hi
well well, the lines are beautiful...

Your p.s. proves that you have gone through engineering..."given data being insufficient, we are assuming th evaqalue of X"

The Silhouette...

Fiducia said...

..when the stars align right, you will realize...

Well felt and greatly penned!!! Lovely feel of love and confidence!

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Thank you add comment too :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

True :)

Valli said...

Thanks Chocolate Lover :)

Thanks QTPie :)

Thanks Simran :)

Thanks Eon :)...Haha...we are proved Engineers :D

Thanks Fiducia...Glad you felt :)

Thanks Blasphemous Aesthete :)


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