Monday, January 07, 2013

Lines from lyrics that touched my heart ♥

If your life partner walks with you through out your life's journey, even when you stumble in between wont it become dance??

Wont silence sing song?
Wont soul dance like peacock?
Wont void show you path?
Wont heaven fall in your hands?
Wont forest feel like flower garden,
When you walk in the path of love...

What happened to my poetry
which I've written in my dream?
Did it melt in my eyes?
Oh! Is it wiped away by dawn?
Search and give my poem
or else, give me back my dream.

I've told my friend that my heart is made of stone, but you've emerged in my heart like a creeper that sprouts from the cracks of the stone.

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Meenakshi Malhotra said...

"Search and give my poem
or else. give me back my dream"

loved it!

Jay Singh said...

Hi Valli,

Absolutely loved it Valli. You've made my Monday morning. :)


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Bikramjit said...

I loved the start , even if we walk together it can become a dance for sure .. beautiful poem so many emotions


Zunnur said...

I love the first line in this post. In a good relationship, problems are dealt with together and when a problem is solved and over, the relationship could grow stronger.

sathish kumar said...

you always come up with something peculiar :)) Interesting

TTT said...

beautiful and so different !

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

Wow..Beautiful lines and nice post Valli...:-)

Ellecee said...

This poem and post is really beautiful,,,I have not visited for awhile and I feel sorry about that. Your work inspires me always and you are growing more and more,,,,,

mohamedali jinnah said...

உப்பில் கட்டிய பாவை மழைவர கரையும்
இதயம் கட்டிய உறவு உயிருடன் உறையும்
அன்பால் கட்டிய பாசம் நிலைத்து நிற்கும்
பாவையின் பார்வை பாசத்தில் திரும்ப நிலைத்து நிற்பேன்
காடுகள் காற்றில் இசைக்கின்றன.
கடலின் அலைகள் இசைக்கின்றன
முகிலினங்கள் மோதி மோதி இசைக்கின்றன.
மழை ஒரு கச்சேரியே வைக்கிறது
பறவைகளின் படபடக்கும் சிறகுகள் இசைக்கின்றன

Sadia Khan said...

Love definately can emerge from it stone or a soft bed of rose...and the rest turns into poetry...beautiful words :)


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