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Feelings of hijra - I am a human, but, never treated that way :(

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Imprinted in minds of the society as
the person who is incomplete and imperfect
But, I am the part of nature's creation,
a human being who deserves equality and respect

To my parents,
I am burden and bad name
To my siblings,
I am the matter of shame

Abandoned and driven away from homes
as they thought I was threat to their reputation
Is it my fault that I'm born this way?
society snatched away my basic rights, I've no identity, no recognition

The layers of makeup on my face
conceals many unknown feelings
Can stares filled with hatred and taunts
ever capture those hidden meanings?

My body has become an object
of fun and entertainment
My life has become a subject
to have fun and gossip about

People give me names like '.5', '2 in 1'...
call me with strange whistles and boos
Everyday, I go through humiliation and tease
Whom should I complain? Who will listen to me and address all these?

During normal days,
people stare at me as if they've seen a strange insect
But, during special occasions, when they need my blessings
Strange!! how they suddenly turn so sweet and treat me with respect!

Is it a sin
to identify myself as female having a male body?
Can the way I want to live my life
be decided and directed by anybody?

Society has left me with three options
Bless, beg or turn to a prostitute...
Don't I deserve to lead life just like any other person
exploring different paths, possibilities and routes?

I am not just my body or my attire
there is something more precious, if one could notice
a complete heart within a body which is tagged 'imperfect'
that carries various emotions and a million dreams

I am no different human being
treat me not like an alien, I am not so strange
Strange is this mean society that got blinded in 'ignorance'
and couldn't accept me as equal and same

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a Rat said...

Quite true there is no proper identity and treatment for them in the society.

Nicely penned down their anguish.. well done, Valli.

aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar said...


Uppal said...

S0aking in poignancy for these humans of a lesser God!

Himadri Singha said...

Nicely captured.

sathish kumar said...

You pluck chords from my heart sometimes, with your words.

odyzz said...

You have truly captured their melancholy .. Well done ,Valli..

Piphi / Prateek Kunwar said...

V well put valli .... society is certainly two faced....not only in this issue but many other also

Leo Paw said...

They are no different human being. So true. You've touched hearts with this one. And you did change the attitude of at least a few towards these downtrodden souls. Gr8 job.

Anonymous said...

the hijras of india:

Vishal Rathod said...

Deep anguish is what they might be feeling in each and every second of life . And we many times crib on what all we dont have. I have heard when they die their community celebrate.

thanks for penning down . Hope people read and change their attitude towards them

Rajni Sinha said...

very touching and I love your poetry always .
have nominated you for the Liebster award visit my blog ---my first award---

Jay Singh said...

Hi Valli,

Wow, that was a heartfelt and touching tribute to these individuals who have been made with a different purpose in mind by God.
You've aptly described the angst and pains of such people.

Valli, this is a great post which you've written as a tribute to them. Keep up the good work, hope this inspires other people as well.


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Kitty said...

Nicely penned down their feelings :)

Ramya said...

Hmmmm love the emotions hidden in every word of your poem good job valli. :)

Meenakshi Malhotra said...

We are really ghastly people, highly prejudiced and unable to accept the difference that exists naturally.

Kudos to you Valli for bringing this topic to fore. It is a gem of piece.

Bhavana Lalwani said...

Read it in early morning .. cnts ay hw I felt .. U chose an amazing theme .. something that hardly catches anyone's attention .. bahut achha likha hai aapne.

kavz said...

True fact valli.. everyone should think and change their attitude towards them.. well versed

Saru Singhal said...

Sad, the way they are treated. Our society should evolve. A very heart touching poem.

Grace said...

This is quite a complicated case ~ Well portrayed on the challenges of being unique ~ In any society, there will always be bias and desire to outcast people who are strange ~

Good issue to write about ~

Anonymous said...

Awesome :-) Poignant and reflects on reality. Thanks for your tribute to Hijras. It's an eyeopener to people who treat them badly.
Very well done :-)

jingles!! said...

Nice...very well written.
Hope all of us do our bit and behave normal wid all!!

deepak kripal said...

Touched my heart. It is a matter of shame how we treat them. You have evoked the pain and anguish masterfully.

KayEm said...

I honestly don't have anything against them but correct me if I am wrong - In India it is other hijras who won't allow a new born hijra to grow up with their own family and lead ordinary lives pursuing careers. The Hijras come and steal the child so that the little ones, when they grow up, can carry on dressing up and begging / bullying the public to provide for the older Hijras. Still, they must feel the anguish you write about.

Sri Valli said...

Thanks for the read everyone :)

I never heard such cases. May be such incidents happen too! Sad!!
Thanks for sharing :)

Aunt Mary said...

You are a magical poet , your poems are so beautifully written, its pure magic.

Satya Rekha Ramaswamy said...

Its brilliant... Captures the pain undergone by special people like them... Hoping that someday, circumstances would change!

Anonymous said...

very true..u tried to look into other side of coin,
n successfully put it up..

vandana sharma said...

it is a fact that we don't want them in our society but yes they are human beings too and they should be treated as equal as us.

Shaivi said...

Very thoughtful
Good job!

gayatri soni said...

I really second your thoughts. People always demean them, & that doesn't let them grow as normal people. Sigh!

Maliny said...

your words reflect the emotions of a hijra so perfectly ! . . loved the poem :)

debu said...

A hijra once sand in 'her' husky voice.. hum se kaa bhool hui jo yeh sazaa hum ka mili... ab to charoon hi traf band hai.. duniya ki gali....

Saurabh Chawla said...

they are also human beings. Its true that they are badly treated in our country where we give emotion a special place in our hearts. Nicely penned Valli.

Jini Maxin Fernandez said...

Well written!!!

Rajeshkishanganj Dubey said...

nice post

KeYrthana said...

I really feel bad that I missed to read such awesome lines akka.... U r so awesome...It really moved me....Khudos to U n ur b'ful poetry for xpressing many Humans feelings who aren't treated as humans


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