Friday, November 23, 2012



She lives a life full of despair
Her wounded heart is beyond repair
death to her is more beautiful than life
better to die than live with strife

There was no one
who could see her pain
There was no one
who could make her smile again

She was looking for that warm light
in somebody else eyes
Because, she hadn't found it within
not a little hope in spite of many tries

She felt the agonizing darkness,
Making her soul so restless
She felt the void that never filled,
longing so long to be free

She couldn't ignore nor deny,
The pain that was crushing her,
the raw agony that was just too much,
stabbing her heart over and over.

Now, the bigger cuts don't hurt,
No, not more than the emotional trauma she suffered
numbness creeps through as her eyes slowly shut
And her pain floats away in that crimson pool of blood.

P.s. My poem intends not to encourage suicide. It just depicts the state of person who wants to commit suicide. Suicide isn't a solution to problem. It helps you escape but, doesn't solve the problem. If you want a solution, stand up to the problem. There is always a silver lining. The purpose of the life is to find it.

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Simran said...

A powerful, worth message through such a beautiful poem.. that's Valli Style! :)
you are master at playing with words ...

sathish kumar said...

just like a flow of feelings valli... nice

Green Speck said...

This is well said ... suicides can never be a solution !!!

Meenakshi Malhotra said...

suicide is never solution, nothing is more precious and important than this sacred life! You become what you think, Cheers!

Bishnu Prasad Choudhury said...

Very nicely written...There are a lot of such real stories exists in this world which depicts this pain and the background music which adds the ornaments to this.

I just loved this poem and your blog layout n design.

Anunoy Samanta said...

well done... I salute your effort for writing a poem for the good cause :-)
yup, the music won't suit all mood, it may even spoil the mood created by some write ups... coz for every mood there's a specific tune...

Anunoy Samanta

TTT said...

the poem depics the mind of a person who is totally lost ...depressed ...its well you have brought out the despair.

about your blog is awesome ...especially when I read a love poem on your blog together with the music I really feel good .

Ashitha said...

You have depicted the internal trauma quite explicitly..Good one Sri.
Loved ur new blogger display picture <3

AYUSHI... said...

Loved the poem Valli, very emotional and heart touching... and I am so in love with your blog, music adds the last feather on its cap... those who are being annoyed inform them that they can easily pause the music from the option below... but let it stay there... :)

Panchali said...

Touching piece and your music is always so soothing...♥ It's refreshing for me always, Valli. Best blog I have seen so far..

Arun Prakash said...

The pain is about to flow over the brim in this poem. :)
New to your blog... I love the blog's design. There is nothing wrong in playing background music. Obviously, those who doesn't like the playlist should just pause the song instead of leaving the blog just because of trifles.

Arun Prakash said...

And... this post reminds me of my short story - "Suicide".

Have a peek at it :)

Siny U K Nair said...

I understand why people feel sucicde is a better option! very true valli.. liked it

Bikramjit said...

Very well said ..
enjoyed reading this one .. words used so very nicely..


Roshan Yadaw said...

hmm ur blog is kind f nice:)
music is pretty gud
n u wrote simple n cute n touching a little few whrezz:)

Sri Valli said...

Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions and comments :)


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